Design Patterns

Observer Design Pattern

If we were asked which the easiest and most widely used design pattern is, it would have to be Observer design pattern. This is one of the interviewer’s most favourite topics and crops up in interviews very frequently. Let’s start with providing you with some examples to make you understand the concepts properly. Say you …

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Singleton Design Pattern

The Singleton Design Pattern is one of the simplest and most widely used design patterns. It is used in so many different situations that all software developers will come across this pattern at one point or another. What happens though is that a lot of the time, we don’t really know the details of the …

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Factory Design Pattern

This is one of the most widely used design patterns, and a really popular question in interviews. Using a really simple example, we’re going to understand why exactly this pattern is useful and how to implement it in code. In the Factory pattern, we create objects without exposing the creation logic to the client and …

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